As we near memorial day…

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As we near memorial day, I finally got the chance to watch American Sniper. What an amazing film, what a powerful look at an incredible man. I may have done some “time on the wall” but I understand the difference between those of us who spent our military service in peace and those who spent theirs under the guns of … Read More

Time machine: acid test update!

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I had occasion to revisit an old post titled “A Hint of Acid Test“. As for why? I will let my update from that page speak for itself. Seriously though, go read the whole thing. I am prescient. There is no other way to explain it. It is now some 14 years later and in a thread on Fetlife some fool … Read More

For this I am thankful…

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Wild Turkey a-1

A personal note before Thanksgiving. Of all the things I am thankful for – and there are many – I am thankful for the people who make my life immeasurably richer. This year I want to thank in particular those among you with whom I share a gulf of opinion. I am a fact oriented person with a significant empathy … Read More

When life gives you lemons…

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No more lemonade...

When life gives you lemons and expects you to meekly make lemonade, follow these steps… Drink refreshing water from pitcher Smash life upside the head with pitcher Rub lemon juice in life’s eyes Profit! Enjoy!

A living wage…

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3-4-2014 2-50-45 PM

I normally put political stuff up on a blog dedicated to it, but I want these concepts here so I can come back to them… and it seems more natural to keep them on my personal blog. I think the desire to sub-compartmentalize has been cramping my flow anyway This is my post responding to a comment on Facebook, where … Read More

Thoughts on fathers day…

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It has been a long time since I posted anything substantive on this blog – literally years. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the most important is that I simply had no idea what to say. A lot happened in those years, my house and my relationships have changed. I have changed some as well. No doubt … Read More

Welcome to 2013!!!!

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Hello dear reader!!! This blog is slowly regaining traction in my head. No doubt you have noticed that I have been updating the tools and putting up the odd post. I want to welcome you to 2013. I look forward to the resumption of our occasionally one sided relationship and I hope you do as well! Ken

Some things, you need to hear…

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Some things gain something when read by the author. This is true for many of them of course, but in particular I have felt this way about Mike Daisey, Stephen King and Yahtzee Croshaw.  To this list, we must now add Steve Martin. What I have heard so far of  “Born Standing Up” is amazing. I also want to take … Read More