some fast thoughts – and more of that stuff

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some fast thoughts – and more of that stuff We spent the night last night over at Tatsumi’s apartment, doing some work and watching a movie to relax. We also backed up her data and installed OSX on her Mac. I Like OSX. I like it so much I might have to break down and agree that it could be … Read More

Soulhuntresome fast thoughts – and more of that stuff

general thoughts – and lot’s of links

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general thoughts – and lot’s of links Tech stuff: I have been working on this website and some others, getting a handle on some pretty cool technologies I need to understand. This is all part of my desire to simplify my web design process in light of the advances in the state of browsers these days. Generally speaking, I have … Read More

Soulhuntregeneral thoughts – and lot’s of links

Nostrodamus – ‘metal birds’ don’t fly

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I have been innundated with email all about this supposed Nostrodamus prediction of the WTC attack. Especially the one with this in it: “…on the 11 day of the 9 month that…two metal birds would crash into two tall statues…in the new city..and the world will end soon after” It’s a hoax. It never happened. For more information you can … Read More

SoulhuntreNostrodamus – ‘metal birds’ don’t fly

very tired – a few fast thoughts

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We went into NYC today, to see what we could see of what happened. I will tell you more about the trip later on, suffice to say I was moved by the silence that filled the city. Very odd. They police we spoke with told us that they had all the unskilled volunteers they could use. In the meantime, you … Read More

Soulhuntrevery tired – a few fast thoughts

a minor rant – lot’s of bullsh*t out there

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As I prepare to go into NYC Thursday and get an idea of the wreckage from the attack first hand (instead of just images) I have noticed a sentiment in my online reading that quite frankly baffles me.  That sentiment is the call for complete pacifism and a complete lack of understanding of the difference between murder and self defense. … Read More

Soulhuntrea minor rant – lot’s of bullsh*t out there

more information – not much commentary

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Dave Winer has devoted his weblog to the news today and tracking what’s happening. There are some good tidbits there and it’s a good weblog normally anyway. If you are alive and think folks are worried, you might go to this page and let them list you as “OK”. Apparently some people want to be high on the list of … Read More

Soulhuntremore information – not much commentary

you know this – probably

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you know this – probably Hopefully my website is not your primary news source but for the last hour I have been watching the CNN coverage of the bombings in the U.S. There are lots of stories on this around the web, you will find others if you look. This is simply astonishing and horrifying. Of course, the idea is … Read More

Soulhuntreyou know this – probably

some thoughts – on several things

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some thoughts – on several things Before I talk about me, you will notice that there are some links in boxes with this entry. These are links that you might find amusing that had no direct place in the text. You might want to try them.  Speaking of links, I link my entries pretty liberally, you might want to follow … Read More

Soulhuntresome thoughts – on several things