…those meddling kids!

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I was perusing Evhead today and I came across the link to Googlism, a really odd thing that will do a sort of free form riff about you based on matches in a Google search. The one for "Soulhuntre" was lame as hell but sadly seems to sum up my life, I have reproduced it below in it’s entirety: Googlism … Read More

soulhuntre…those meddling kids!

if(credible==somewhat) {pathos–;}

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OK, it looks like we need an update on some of the thoughts and issues raised by the while "blatant lies" thing. I have been in email contact with the person who authored that list and it seems that it may be more legit in some ways than these things usually are. At the very least, Joseph seems pretty earnest … Read More

soulhuntreif(credible==somewhat) {pathos–;}

Myths, lies and pathos…

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Update 10/24/2002: There is more information on this topic, please also see my further comments… Ok, so every now and then someone decides they aren’t getting enough attention and whips off some sort of “expose” document supposed to dispel the “lies” and so on that they think (or pretend) pervade the BDSM community. It doesn’t matter that these “myths” are … Read More

soulhuntreMyths, lies and pathos…

Surf’s Up!

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Ok kiddies… time for more links… enjoy ‘em! welcome to DOAX NEOTAKU a fan site for DOA Beach Vollyball. The coolest Xbox game ever. Museum of Hoaxes’ journal – what it sounds like www.abandoned-places – "Old buildings, abandoned hospitals, industrial palaces overgrown with plants and trees, the remaining walls decorated with graffiti, smashed windows, rain dripping through the roof… These … Read More

soulhuntreSurf’s Up!

Fear and Jello…

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If you’ve never heard it, Bill Cosby’s "Chicken Heart" story from Wonderfulnes is one of the most amusing few minutes of comedy ever uttered. Ever. Besides, chickens are inherently funny In any case, it turns out that an important part of the story is true. This is totally freaking me out.

soulhuntreFear and Jello…

Persecution tango…

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Wow, it has been a little while While surfing the net on an unrelated topic today I came across a webpage titled "pick up your own damn socks!" as a result of this metafilter thread. needless to say PUYODS is a vicious attack on the male of the species without any reason or objective truth. I feel… victimized. I mean … Read More

soulhuntrePersecution tango…

More dust bunnies…

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More links from my desktop: Willi Hammes – 3D Artist Don’t Save Karyn The Greeking Machine Measurement While Drilling (MWD) Platform – INTEQ – Evaluation Technology – Measurement While Drilling – Unique Features CNN.com – Official! World’s funniest joke – Oct. 3, 2002

soulhuntreMore dust bunnies…