…those meddling kids!

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I was perusing Evhead today and I came across the link to Googlism, a really odd thing that will do a sort of free form riff about you based on matches in a Google search. The one for "Soulhuntre" was lame as hell but sadly seems to sum up my life, I have reproduced it below in it’s entirety: Googlism … Read More

Soulhuntre…those meddling kids!

Evil fun, and Clear Type!

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Well, since I am going to sleep and you guys are no doubt horrified that you’ll be all alone for a while, I decided to give you some more stuff on the web to look at: ClearType Step 1 Turn on Windows XP ClearType if you are running WindowsXP, go check this out! It turns out that ClearType is pretty … Read More

SoulhuntreEvil fun, and Clear Type!

Blogger hacked?

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It looks like earlier today there was a security compromise in the Blogger system. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been and it seams Ev was on it pretty quick. Anyway, if you use it you really want to make sure you change your ftp server password. Some information can be found at various sites: Slashdot Blogger Hacked … Read More

SoulhuntreBlogger hacked?

Paradox: Loosen up and get a grip?!

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at stake! Note: I am tired, and I am in a fairly sarcastic mood. So if you aren’t in the mood for me being a little more ‘from the hip’ than usual, stop reading As you may well know from these pages I find screaming activists to be generally amusing, and people with absolutely no sense of humor are even … Read More

SoulhuntreParadox: Loosen up and get a grip?!

if(credible==somewhat) {pathos–;}

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OK, it looks like we need an update on some of the thoughts and issues raised by the while "blatant lies" thing. I have been in email contact with the person who authored that list and it seems that it may be more legit in some ways than these things usually are. At the very least, Joseph seems pretty earnest … Read More

Soulhuntreif(credible==somewhat) {pathos–;}

Myths, lies and pathos…

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Update 10/24/2002: There is more information on this topic, please also see my further comments… Ok, so every now and then someone decides they aren’t getting enough attention and whips off some sort of “expose” document supposed to dispel the “lies” and so on that they think (or pretend) pervade the BDSM community. It doesn’t matter that these “myths” are … Read More

SoulhuntreMyths, lies and pathos…

Outta here!

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Off to Tatsumi’s till tomorrow… on the way we are going to stop and pick up some film from our last photo shoot and rent a movie or two. So it should work out to be a nice evening. A special not for anyone who I have infected with "Poser Mania", you should head on over and grab the Daz … Read More

SoulhuntreOutta here!

Too many updates?

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Recently, in a thread on one of the forums a user asked with some frustration whether people were getting tired of software constantly being updated these days. The implication seemed to be that software quality had gone the way of the dodo. I am reposting my reply here as a rant, I also put it up over at Hyper-3D. Follow … Read More

SoulhuntreToo many updates?

A night out!

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I waned to take a moment to let you all know where things are, it won’t be long because I need to go to my dojo sometime soon and then I am going over to the office to cat sit and be seriously ill in piece. Night Out: I had a really good night out in the city last weekend, … Read More

SoulhuntreA night out!


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Hey all! I’m sick. A cold I think.I knew you needed to know I am hoping to get to write to you this weekend, and next week I think I am back into the "write everyday no matter how little you have to say: thing. Anyway, night!