Evil fun, and Clear Type!

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Well, since I am going to sleep and you guys are no doubt horrified that

you’ll be all alone for a while, I decided to give you some more stuff on the

web to look at:

  • ClearType Step 1 Turn on Windows XP ClearType if you are running WindowsXP,

    go check this out! It turns out that ClearType is pretty good on

    CRT’s if you tune it right, and these pages at MS will help you do that. It’s

    easy, it’s fast and you can always decide you don’t like it.

  • huh?

    – this is a corporate website for a company that as far as I can tell doesn’t

    exist. The esign totally kicks ass though so it is well worth looking at.

  • The Best Page

    In the Universe – I got this link from a good friend of mine a while back

    and there is just a lot of good, clean, mean spirited fun here. I might not

    agree with all of it, but it sure is funny as hell… think of it as an evil

    inner dialogue given a website. Not convinced?

"If you work in an office with lots of people, chances are that you work

with a person who hangs pictures up that their kids have drawn. The pictures

are always of some stupid flower or a tree with wheels. These pictures suck; I

could draw pictures much better. In fact, I can spell, do math and run faster

than your kids." -

full page

"Every time I see another one of these lardass women parading around in

some skimpy outfit, it makes me impotent for weeks. I don’t get it. Is it part

of that whole "acceptance" thing? That stupid mentality that we’re all

beautiful and that having a gut is cute? Trust me, your gut (and it is a gut,

not a "tummy") is not as sexy as you think. It’s nauseating. If you don’t have

the body for it, then why wear a tiny midriff t-shirt that accentuates your

bulbous lard sack?" –

full page

"Every time I hear anyone talking about a David Lynch movie, they always

say "it was a pretty good movie, but I didn’t understand it." Repeat that last

sentence out loud to let it sink in. They liked the movie, but they didn’t

understand any of it. So essentially what they’re saying is that they just

like to see the moving pictures." –

full page

"I just have one question about whales: who cares? All I ever hear are

people pissing and moaning about saving the whales. Why save the whales? Screw

them, what have they done for me? How would you like to go to the beach one

day and read a sign that says "Sorry, all out of water." Not likely? Think

again. Here’s a little fact about whales that not many people know: Whales are

drinking all our water and eating our sailors." -

full page

Anyway, that’s it for tonight… enjoy!

SoulhuntreEvil fun, and Clear Type!