A healthy world view? NOT!

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Ah life, it going. As always, lots of smoke and thunder and a whole lot of

stress. Sorry if this sounds like a bitch fest, but this >is< sort of a diary :)

We enter into another month, and things are limping along. I am of course

working with client S and that is bringing in some money but as always the

consulting game is a dangerous one. You wind up doing flat bids because

currently that’s where the work is, but at the moment that means working more

than 80 hours a week for a fairly low wage as consultancy goes.

It is a vicious cycle that is really draining me. Between that work and my

normal dotPublishing work, there is simply not enough time for me to get ahead

of what we need to do to get our proposal out the door – and time is definitely

running short on that. I have to get that out this week or I am going to be a

very unhappy camper.

But hey, 4 hours a day to sleep isn’t all that important :)

In general, we are keeping it together. The main problem right now is working

out how to deal with the loss of our health insurance. It’s $1,100 dollars a

month for four of us and even though we will be dropping one from that number I

am 2 months behind so it doesn’t help us to do so right now; as of Friday

morning it is gone. I simply can’t do that and pay the other bills. The

problem is, we were making some serious $ from those guys, Kimiko’s meds are in

excess of $950 a month alone if we aren’t insured so it clearly makes more sense

to have it :)

We do have some stuff going:

  • The proposal to a "large name" in the game industry, if we can ship the

    damn thing.

  • A partnership with Curious Labs on marketing some custom poser content (3d


  • Negotiations with an investment group that may turn into a significant

    amount of money in January (million+)

  • Contract work worth about 2K when we deliver (2 weeks or so)
  • A proposal out for work at a NJ college with client S that may well result

    in 40K+ over the next 6 months or so

So if we can pull it out, this might turn out OK! Ok… back to work.

SoulhuntreA healthy world view? NOT!