Software, long days and sleep…

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Whew! A lot happened today, some you might notice, some not. You will see that the menu here has changes some and I’ll show you why in a few days. A lot of software stuff in the air today.

  • Hopefully next week I can unveil for you the project I worked on for Client A for so long.
  • I wound up putting out the $$$ for the tool. Hopefully it will pay for itself in the near future.
  • After a long time in the design phase, I started a clean directory for the initial “small” version of my [[wp:CMS]]. This marks the beginning of a move away from custom work, I am hoping to build an off the shelf item. This new tool is a product of my own, and not being built as or by dotPublishing, Inc. though dotPublishing will probably wind up licensing it from me for specific projects. This is an important distinction. dotPublishing is a custom software and design firm, and has been one for a long, long time now.
  • I am embarking on a few projects for Client S, so I am now in a pretty S oriented phase for a few weeks.
  • Some stuff I am doing for friends is coming along.
  • I set up a mailing list and started contacting my security team to ramp up for [[TES Fest]].
  • I have to teach tonight @ my Dojo. As of last visit I am now the number three rank in the school with the departure of one of the people I called Sensei. It sucks to see him go.


SoulhuntreSoftware, long days and sleep…