Stop rape, say yes.

soulhuntreblogLeave a Comment In this installment of “crazy chicks who take themselves to seriously” we join our victim culture once again in the throes of a righteous moral indignation. The real fun stuff is in the comments after the outraged post that gives their lives such meaning and passion. The problem at hand is t-Shirts. Apparently some people make and sell t-shirts … Read More

soulhuntreStop rape, say yes.

…bag lady…

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Ok, I am curious… is this story supposed to be as hot as it is? I have no doubt the comments will be f-ing hilarious. “i was just watching nip/tuck. i usually don’t watch much tv, but it happened to be on so i figured i would watch it. well, the this woman comes in and the younger, sexual doctor … Read More

soulhuntre…bag lady…

And now for teen girls and oral sex…

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is that you baby? You know, all the hottest stuff can be found by watching what the hyper-feminists get all bothered about. They have an obsession with young girls and sex that rivals only that of some members of the far right and select others. It’s really astounding. Their message is an interesting one too though a little confusing: The … Read More

soulhuntreAnd now for teen girls and oral sex…

The mask slips – Cindy all alone…

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poor little Cindy Poor Cindy Sheehan. In my more charitable moments I jsut think of her as a borderline woman driven over the border by grief. In my more lucid moments I think she was always a overly dramatic, grandstanding pain in the ass. She must have been loads of fun at parties during the holidays. You can hear her … Read More

soulhuntreThe mask slips – Cindy all alone…

…and not to yield

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I wanted to make sure I had a copy of this here. Thinking ink. The whole thing is below the fold. “Made weak by time and fate, but strong in will To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield.” Read on…

soulhuntre…and not to yield

Irresistible dating prospects from THE GOTHIC PERSONALS!

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demonbaby: Irresistible dating prospects from THE GOTHIC PERSONALS! “But the point is, none of these sites could possibly compare to the wealth of entertainment I had the incredible fortune of stumbling upon yesterday: A massive database of hilarious walking cliches, GOTHIC PERSONALS. Folks, this is almost too easy. This material writes itself. However, I am going to take candy from … Read More

soulhuntreIrresistible dating prospects from THE GOTHIC PERSONALS!

Protron baby!

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DSCN0589, originally uploaded by Soulhuntre. This is the HDTV LCD I picked up for my Xbox 360. Not a bad screen at all really, especially for the money (black Friday sale). Anyway, it has a DB-15 plug-in directly which lets me use it as a big LCD for my PC if I ever need it. This is a tasty little … Read More

soulhuntreProtron baby!


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Seen on Slashdot: A young idea is a beautiful and a fragile thing. Attack people, not ideas.


The Visual Studio Song and other technical goodness…

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Some way cool tech stuff… Run the ASP.NET 2.0 Development Server From Any Folder – “As I blogged about yesterday, I came up with a way to start up the web server that comes with Visual Studio 2005 by right-clicking on the folder you want to serve. Chris Frazier left some great feedback, along with Daniel Fisher.” Places to go … Read More

soulhuntreThe Visual Studio Song and other technical goodness…