Minion FAQ

Already some of you have had questions, so here are some answers.

Q. Will I get paid to be a Minion?
A. Short answer? no. On the bright side, under very special circumstances you might get viciously beaten.

Q. What is the easiest way to see a list of Minion Tasks?
A. /tags/minion_tasks/

Q. Do I need special skills?
A. My needs vary according to circumstance. The odds are strong if you have what I consider a base level of competence you will be useful somewhere along the line. What you do need to do is pay attention and take pride in your work.

Q. Are you serious about this?
A. Yes. While I hope we can all have fun with the minion concept these things really will help me out and your performance really will be noted for good or ill. In short, if your going to do it, take it seriously because bad help is no help at all.

Q. But you were kidding about the beating part, right?
A. No, I really wasn’t.

Q. Do I have to subscribe to the mailing list?
A. No. Many of the tasks I have in mind will be posted to the open blog and can be handled right from there. The Minion Times will be for communicating with those who want to go the extra mile and work on things I do not wish to share in an open post for whatever reason. Additionally, there will be special swag opportunities only for those on the list.

Q. How can I express my gratitude at this opportunity?
A. Often, and well.

Q. Where can I find out more?
A. Minion Central is a good place to start.